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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next v3 14/47] net: phy: aquantia: Add support for rate adaptation
> +#define VEND1_GLOBAL_CFG_10M			0x0310
> +#define VEND1_GLOBAL_CFG_100M 0x031b
> +#define VEND1_GLOBAL_CFG_1G 0x031c
> +#define VEND1_GLOBAL_CFG_2_5G 0x031d
> +#define VEND1_GLOBAL_CFG_5G 0x031e
> +#define VEND1_GLOBAL_CFG_10G 0x031f

I completely read this wrong the first time... The common meaning of
#defines line this is

VEND1_GLOBAL_CFG_ is the register and what follows indicates some bits
in the register.

However, this is not true here, these are all registers. Maybe add
_REG to the end? It makes them different to other defines for
registers, but if i parsed it wrong, probably other will as well?

> static int aqr107_read_rate(struct phy_device *phydev)
> {
> int val;
> + u32 config_reg;

Revere Christmass tree. config_reg should be first.


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