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Subject[PATCH 0/10] Cleanup & new features for compiler*.h and bug.h

This patch set is a dependency of the generic red-black tree patch set, which
I have now split up into three smaller sets.

The major aim of this patch set is to cleanup compiler-gcc*.h and improve the
manageability of of compiler features at various versions (when they are
broken, etc.), and to add some needed features to bug.h (again, that are

o Introduce GCC_VERSION - (e.g., gcc 4.7.1 becomes 40701)
o Reorder all features based upon the version introduced (readability)
o Change all version checks to use GCC_VERSION
o Remove redundant __linktime_error
o Introduce __flatten function attribute

o Improve BUILD_BUG_ON(expr) - now generates compile-time error post-gcc-4.4
o Introduce BUILD_BUG_ON_NON_CONST(expr) macro, which simply wraps
__builtin_constant_p and BUILD_BUG_ON
o Documented (in BUILD_BUG_ON_NON_CONST doc-comments) the extensive
discrepancies in the behavior of __builtin_constant_p throughout versions of
o Introduce BUILD_BUG_ON_NON_CONST42 macro for compile-time-constant checks
that are doomed to fail in older versions of gcc.

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