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    SubjectRe: Rename restrictedmem => guardedmem? (was: Re: [PATCH v10 0/9] KVM: mm: fd-based approach for supporting KVM)
    On Mon Apr 17, 2023 at 6:40 PM EEST, Sean Christopherson wrote:
    > What do y'all think about renaming "restrictedmem" to "guardedmem"?
    > I want to start referring to the code/patches by its syscall/implementation name
    > instead of "UPM", as "UPM" is (a) very KVM centric, (b) refers to the broader effort
    > and not just the non-KVM code, and (c) will likely be confusing for future reviewers
    > since there's nothing in the code that mentions "UPM" in any way.
    > But typing out restrictedmem is quite tedious, and git grep shows that "rmem" is
    > already used to refer to "reserved memory".
    > Renaming the syscall to "guardedmem"...
    > 1. Allows for a shorthand and namespace, "gmem", that isn't already in use by
    > the kernel (see "reserved memory above").
    > 2. Provides a stronger hint as to its purpose. "Restricted" conveys that the
    > allocated memory is limited in some way, but doesn't capture how the memory
    > is restricted, e.g. "restricted" could just as easily mean that the allocation
    > can be restricted to certain types of backing stores or something. "Guarded"
    > on the other hand captures that the memory has extra defenses of some form.
    > 3. Is shorter to type and speak. Work smart, not hard :-)
    > 4. Isn't totally wrong for the KVM use case if someone assumes the "g" means
    > "guest" when reading mail and whatnot.
    > P.S. I trimmed the Cc/To substantially for this particular discussion to avoid
    > spamming folks that don't (yet) care about this stuff with another potentially
    > lengthy thread. Feel free to add (back) any people/lists.

    I guess 'guarded' could be a good noun in the sense that it does not
    get easily mixed up to anything pre-existing, and it does give the idea
    of the purpose.

    BR, Jarkko

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