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Subject[PATCHv6 0/4] Add Freescale FTM PWM driver.
Hello Therry,

The series of patches for this version has been reviewed and acked already.
To see each patch for detail.


This patch series is the Freescale FTM PWM implementation. And there are 8 channels most supported by the FTM PWM. This implementation is only compatible with device tree definition.

This patch series is based on linux-next and has been tested on Vybrid VF610 Tower board using device tree.

Changes in v6:
- Nothing.

Changes in RFCv2 of PATVHv5:
- Remove "fsl,pwm-counter-clk".

Changes in v5:
- Remove active/idle pinctrl stuff.

Changes in v4:
- Check for the result and return an error for devm_kzalloc().
- Move pinmux setting from the SoC file to the board specific file.
- Revise the written mistake of 'ret |= FTMSC_CLKEXT;' --> 'reg |= FTMSC_CLKEXT;'.

Changes in v3:
- Remove "availabe" field.
- Remove "fsl,pwm-avaliable-chs" property.
- ...

Changes in v2:
- Remove PWM CPWM/EPWM feature and sysfs.
- Remove some redundant code.
- Revise some code for more readable.
- Remove "fsl,pwm-clk-ps", "fsl,pwm-number", "fsl,pwm-channels",etc.
- Add "fsl,pwm-avaliable-chs", "fsl,pwm-counter-clk", etc.
- Support 8 channels default in dtsi file.
- Add counter clock source selection.
- Rename some function name, macro name, etc.
- Use PWM's and OF's existing function interfaces.
- Split clk_unprepare_enable to clk_unprepare and clk_enable,etc.
- ...

Added in v1:
- Add Freescale FTM PWM driver support.
- Add Freescale FTM PWM node for VF610.
- Enable Enables FTM PWM device for Vybrid VF610 TOWER.
- Add device tree bindings for Freescale.

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