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SubjectRE: [PATCHv6 4/4] Documentation: Add device tree bindings for Freescale FTM PWM.

> > + "ftm0" (module clock),
> > + "ftm0_counter" (counter clock),
> > +- clocks : Must contain a clock specifier for each entry in
> > +clock-names,
> > + See clock/clock-bindings.txt for details of the property values.
> Note that the order is significant here, at least from the way the driver
> currently implements this. You can probably make this more generic in the
> driver by using of_property_match_string() on the clock-names property to
> find the index of "ftm0_counter" and pass that index to the
> of_parse_phandle_with_args() function to cope with the situation where the
> device tree has the clocks in a different order.

Yes, this's much better. As this is still under discussing, I will improve
about this after that.

And I will also revise other as you have piontet out.

Best Regards,

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