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Subject[patch,v2 00/10] make I/O path allocations more numa-friendly

This patch set makes memory allocations for data structures used in
the I/O path more numa friendly by allocating them from the same numa
node as the storage device. I've only converted a handfull of drivers
at this point. My testing showed that, for workloads where the I/O
processes were not tied to the numa node housing the device, a speedup
of around 6% was observed. When the I/O processes were tied to the
numa node of the device, there was no measurable difference in my test
setup. Given my relatively low-end setup[1], I wouldn't be surprised
if others could show a more significant performance advantage.

Comments would be greatly appreciated.


[1] LSI Megaraid SAS controller with 1GB battery-backed cache,
fronting a RAID 6 10+2. The workload I used was tuned to not
have to hit disk. Fio file attached.

changes from v1->v2:
- got rid of the vfs patch, as Al pointed out some fundamental
problems with it
- credited Bart van Assche properly

Jeff Moyer (10):
scsi: add scsi_host_alloc_node
scsi: make __scsi_alloc_queue numa-aware
scsi: make scsi_alloc_sdev numa-aware
scsi: allocate scsi_cmnd-s from the device's local numa node
sd: use alloc_disk_node
ata: use scsi_host_alloc_node
megaraid_sas: use scsi_host_alloc_node
mpt2sas: use scsi_host_alloc_node
lpfc: use scsi_host_alloc_node
cciss: use blk_init_queue_node

drivers/ata/libata-scsi.c | 3 ++-
drivers/block/cciss.c | 3 ++-
drivers/scsi/hosts.c | 13 +++++++++++--
drivers/scsi/lpfc/lpfc_init.c | 10 ++++++----
drivers/scsi/megaraid/megaraid_sas_base.c | 5 +++--
drivers/scsi/mpt2sas/mpt2sas_scsih.c | 4 ++--
drivers/scsi/scsi.c | 17 +++++++++++------
drivers/scsi/scsi_lib.c | 2 +-
drivers/scsi/scsi_scan.c | 4 ++--
drivers/scsi/sd.c | 2 +-
include/scsi/scsi_host.h | 8 ++++++++
11 files changed, 49 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)

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