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SubjectRe: -- finding out whom to send patches to
Vegard Nossum schreef:
> Hi,
> I've written this perl script that takes a patch as input and prints the
> authors/committers of the affected lines, using git-blame as the back end.
> (The purpose of this is of course to find out whom to send patches to.)
> There are some caveats:
> - If I've understood correctly, git-blame incremental output doesn't split
> commits when a newer one is found, so we currently possibly take into
> account more than just the last patch to touch a line. This might not be
> a disadvantage, however...
> - The patch must apply to the current working tree. I suppose there is
> some way to use the index information in the patch to determine what to
> run git-blame against, but this is currently beyond my git knowledge.
> - It's a bit slow, particularly for large files. But doing the same thing
> by hand would be slower, so I suppose it's an overall improvement.
> Running this on a random -mm patch, for example
> gives the following output:
> $ perl acpi-fix-fadt-parsing.patch
> Running git-blame on drivers/acpi/tables/tbfadt.c...
> To: (Committers)
> 48 Len Brown <>
> Cc: (Authors)
> 44 Bob Moore <>
> 2 Alexey Starikovskiy <>
> 2 Len Brown <>
> Maybe this tool can be useful? :-)
> (Improvements are of course also welcome.)
> Vegard

Based on Linus' script to get the email address of a maintainer, I wrote
this bash script to get
an indication of relevant lists. Maybe you can make use of the part that
parses the
MAINTAINERS file for relevant lists?


git log --since="1 year ago" "$@" | sed -n "s/^ .[-a-z]*by: \(.*\) <.*$/\1/p" |
sort | uniq | sort -n -r | while read -r name; do
sed -n "/^P:[ \t]*.*$name/,/^$/{
s/^L:[ \t]*\(.*\)$/\1/p
done | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -r | while read -r nr list; do
tot=`grep -c "^L:\W*.*$list.*" ./MAINTAINERS`
echo "`expr $nr / \( $tot + 1 \)` $nr $tot $list"
done | sort -r | cut -d " " -f2- | while read -r nr tot list; do
echo -e "$nr/$tot Acks were commited by maintainers of list $list"

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