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SubjectRe: -- finding out whom to send patches to
2008/5/29 Vegard Nossum <>:
> Hi,
> I've written this perl script that takes a patch as input and prints the
> authors/committers of the affected lines, using git-blame as the back end.
> (The purpose of this is of course to find out whom to send patches to.)

The script is nice, but I'd wish it looked at a few other things as well.

When I personally need to determine who to send patches to I do use
'git blame' for some of the addresses, but in addition to that I also

- The comments at the top of the file. Sometimes there are email
addresses there for relevant people (sometimes just names, but
addresses can then usually be found for those people in CREDITS or

- Entries in MAINTAINERS that are relevant to the subsystem and/or
file I'm modifying.

- Entries in CREDITS that look relevant to the subsystem and/or file
I'm modifying.

- Names/email addresses in files in Documentation/ that are relevant
to the subsystem/file I'm modifying.

If the script could be made to check all (or just some) of those
sources as well it would be really great.

Jesper Juhl <>
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