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SubjectRe: -- finding out whom to send patches to
> I've written this perl script that takes a patch as input and prints the
> authors/committers of the affected lines, using git-blame as the back end.

Nice enough script.
It's unfortunate that it can't output the appropriate mailing lists.

I think the shell script that Linus gave awhile ago:

git log --since=6.months.ago -- "$@" |
grep -i '^ [-a-z]*by:.*@' |
sort | uniq -c |
sort -r -n | head

(Maybe you want to add a
grep -v '\(Linus Torvalds\)\|\(Andrew Morton\)'

might work just as well.

I still prefer the file pattern match in MAINTAINERS, or
another external file, and/or data stored directly into GIT
via gitattributes approaches.

This script can give maintainer, mailing lists, and git
contact information for patches or files.
The script works with git-send-email to cc the appropriate parties.

This script and git repository is very old and probably doesn't apply...
git pull git:// get_maintainer

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