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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2 00/11] clk: imx8mn: setup clocks from the device tree
On 1/1/23 18:57, Dario Binacchi wrote:
> The idea for this series was born back from Dublin (ELCE 2022) after
> having attended the talk entitled "Updating and Modernizing Clock
> Drivers" held by Chen-Yu Tsai and the availability of a board with
> imx8mn SOC.
> This series aims to setup all imx8mn's clocks from the device tree and
> remove the legacy setup code with hardwired parameters.
> I am well aware that the series lacks patches for the DT bindings. The
> effort up to this point has been important and so I thought I'd ask for
> feedback from the community before proceeding to implement them. If it
> is positive I will add the DT binding patches starting from version 2.
> The series has been tested on the BSH SystemMaster (SMM) S2 board:

I might be wrong, but I vaguely recall AT91 (?) had this kind of massive
clock tree description in DT and they then switched to much simpler
clock description where the clock topology is encoded in the driver
instead (like what iMX does right now). It might be worth having a look
at that and the reasoning around that conversion.

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