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SubjectRE:(2) [PATCH v6 3/6] scsi: ufs: wb: Add explicit flush sysfs attribute
>On 8/2/22 01:07, Jinyoung CHOI wrote:
>> +What: /sys/bus/platform/drivers/ufshcd/*/wb_buf_flush_en
>> +What: /sys/bus/platform/devices/*.ufs/wb_buf_flush_en
>> +Date: July 2022
>> +Contact: Jinyoung Choi <>
>> +Description: This entry shows the status of WriteBooster buffer flushing
>Can we rename this attribute into something that has a word order that
>is grammatically correct, e.g. enable_wb_buf_flush?

OK, I will replace it.
Instead, When the list is printed through "ls",
it may be difficult to check because the prefix is different.

>> + and it can be used to allow or disallow the flushing.
>> + If the flushing is allowed, the device executes the flush
>> + operation when the command queue is empty.
>The attribute has "enabled" in its name while the above text uses the
>verb "allowed". Consider changing "allowed" into "enabled". Please also
>change "If the flushing" into "If flushing".

OK, I will apply next patch.

Warm Regards,

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