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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 3/6] scsi: ufs: wb: Add explicit flush sysfs attribute
On 8/2/22 01:07, Jinyoung CHOI wrote:
> +What: /sys/bus/platform/drivers/ufshcd/*/wb_buf_flush_en
> +What: /sys/bus/platform/devices/*.ufs/wb_buf_flush_en
> +Date: July 2022
> +Contact: Jinyoung Choi <>
> +Description: This entry shows the status of WriteBooster buffer flushing

Can we rename this attribute into something that has a word order that
is grammatically correct, e.g. enable_wb_buf_flush?

> + and it can be used to allow or disallow the flushing.
> + If the flushing is allowed, the device executes the flush
> + operation when the command queue is empty.

The attribute has "enabled" in its name while the above text uses the
verb "allowed". Consider changing "allowed" into "enabled". Please also
change "If the flushing" into "If flushing".



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