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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/20] mm, hugetlb: remove a hugetlb_instantiation_mutex
On Fri,  9 Aug 2013 18:26:18 +0900 Joonsoo Kim <> wrote:

> Without a hugetlb_instantiation_mutex, if parallel fault occur, we can
> fail to allocate a hugepage, because many threads dequeue a hugepage
> to handle a fault of same address. This makes reserved pool shortage
> just for a little while and this cause faulting thread to get a SIGBUS
> signal, although there are enough hugepages.
> To solve this problem, we already have a nice solution, that is,
> a hugetlb_instantiation_mutex. This blocks other threads to dive into
> a fault handler. This solve the problem clearly, but it introduce
> performance degradation, because it serialize all fault handling.
> Now, I try to remove a hugetlb_instantiation_mutex to get rid of
> performance problem reported by Davidlohr Bueso [1].
> This patchset consist of 4 parts roughly.
> Part 1. (1-6) Random fix and clean-up. Enhancing error handling.
> These can be merged into mainline separately.
> Part 2. (7-9) Protect region tracking via it's own spinlock, instead of
> the hugetlb_instantiation_mutex.
> Breaking dependency on the hugetlb_instantiation_mutex for
> tracking a region is also needed by other approaches like as
> 'table mutexes', so these can be merged into mainline separately.
> Part 3. (10-13) Clean-up.
> IMO, these make code really simple, so these are worth to go into
> mainline separately, regardless success of my approach.
> Part 4. (14-20) Remove a hugetlb_instantiation_mutex.
> Almost patches are just for clean-up to error handling path.
> In patch 19, retry approach is implemented that if faulted thread
> failed to allocate a hugepage, it continue to run a fault handler
> until there is no concurrent thread having a hugepage. This causes
> threads who want to get a last hugepage to be serialized, so
> threads don't get a SIGBUS if enough hugepage exist.
> In patch 20, remove a hugetlb_instantiation_mutex.

I grabbed the first six easy ones. I'm getting a bit cross-eyed from
all the reviewing lately so I'll wait and see if someone else takes an
interest in the other patches, sorry.

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