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SubjectRe: [PATCH 04/12] perf, x86: Support the TSX intx/intx_cp qualifiers v3

* Andi Kleen <> wrote:

> > As requested before, please keep those in a completely
> > separate series so that minimal support can be merged
> > upstream. This is
> Hi Ingo, The goal is not to merge "minimal support" but full
> support.

Stop these idiotic excuses and stop the obstruction already!

Firstly, it is long standing kernel maintenance policy to first
go for supporting existing applications, ABIs, binaries.

The bulks of your other changes need changes to the ABI and
changes to tools - and won't be made use of by any of the
existing installed base of profiling tooling.

It is entirely reasonable and in fact required of me to separate
out and handle those in a second wave of changes, and this is
the fourth time you hinder Haswell support by not addressing
maintainer feedback.

Every other perf contributor understands those concepts.

Secondly, as it's being demonstrated in this discussion again,
you are a historically problematic contributor who often
produces avoidably crappy code that needs several iterations to
get right. You also have a track record of not willing to
improve and you have a track record of being needlessly
argumentative and disruptive. All in one, I currently cannot
trust your code and refuse to handle long, complex patch series
from you.



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