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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 04/12] perf, x86: Support the TSX intx/intx_cp qualifiers v3
    > As requested before, please keep those in a completely separate
    > series so that minimal support can be merged upstream. This is

    Hi Ingo, The goal is not to merge "minimal support" but full support.
    All of these features have users. But I subsetted it to make reviewing easier.

    I think the initial 10 patch series is reasonable as a first step,
    quickly followed by the others. Can you handle it or not? Please be clear on that.

    If you can't handle it I'll consider alternatives.

    To be honest I find it hard to believe you really have trouble reviewing
    those 10 straight forward patches (which have already reviewed by
    others anyways). There's nothing particularly complicated or risky in
    any of them, and you're a experienced kernel code reviewer.

    -- -- Speaking for myself only.

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