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SubjectRe: [RFC part1 PATCH 3/7] ACPI / processor_core: Rework _PDC related stuff to make it more arch-independent
On 2013年12月04日 00:51, One Thousand Gnomes wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Dec 2013 00:36:47 +0800
> Hanjun Guo <> wrote:
>> _PDC related stuff in processor_core.c is little bit X86/IA64 dependent,
>> rework the code to make it more arch-independent.
>> The return value of acpi_processor_eval_pdc() should be 'acpi_status' but
>> defined as 'int', fix it too.
> Why not just define boot_options_idle_override as well. Then you can
> leave the code unchanged. Also more importantly you can have override
> values for ARM when it turns out you need those too and the logic will be
> the same for both processor families

There is a platform dependent head file such as pdc_intel.h which contains
some macros, some of those macros are used in arch-independent file processor_core.c,
that's why I posted this patch.


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