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Subject[PATCH 0/5 v2] x86 boot: various E820 & EFI related fixes - what changed in v2
The following patches differ from their previous versions,
submitted a week ago, on the evening of Sun, 15 Jun 2008,
in the following ways:
1) The "x86_64 build reserve_bootmem_generic fix" patch
is dropped, because it is already fixed in linux-next.
Thanks to Yinghai Lu.
2) The "allow overlapping ebda and efi memmap memory ranges"
patch is reworked. Instead of allowing overlapping early
memory reservations on EFI boots, rather it allows
particular early memory reservations to overlap, if they
have been so marked. Only the EBDA "BIOS reserved"
reservation is so marked for now; only it can overlap.
Thanks to H. Peter Anvin and Huang Ying.
3) The patches "remap efi systab runtime from phys to virt"
and "virtualize the efi runtime function callback addresses"
are dropped. They were incorrect. I fixed my EFI firmware
to follow the spec instead. Thanks to Huang Ying.

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