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SubjectRe: Does anyone run AXFS in 2.4 version of kernel ? I am trying my best to apply AXFS patches into 2.4.18
Hello Jaredeh,

First , I admire your devotion to AXFS , you are a great
programmer worth respecting , we pay you a great reverence and pay
homage to your genius on file system . I think AXFS is a huge
contribution to open source.

Now , I could run AXFS in 2.4.21 kernel by skyeye simulator supported
PXA platform . I modified some parts of linux2.4.21 code related with
memory management and ad justed some interfaces of AXFS code to fit
for 2.4, ,once XIP is OK , I will submit my patch.
Till now , all files in the AXFS rootfs image are compressed , they
are working OK . I can run "ls" , "ifconfig" and so on.

But I can't these files run directly XIP , I need your help to configure them .
I am puzzled for how to make files and pages are of XIP not compressed .

In your AXFS howto
To use AXFS you must follow these steps:

» 1. pre patch kernel
» 2. use script to install files into kernel
» 3. build kernel with AXFS profiling on
» 4. create fully compressed AXFS image
» 5. run usecases with profiling on and fully compressed image
» 6. extract profile from /proc/axfs/volumeX
» 7. create new partially XIP image using the extracted profile
» 8. build kernel with profiling off
» 9. Enjoy!

For easily debugging , I am in 2.6.18 not 2.4.21 to test your method .

In 2.6.18 , my kernel whose axfs profiling on (make menuconfig) , and

Cat /proc/axfs/volume0 ,I can get

================ cat /proc/axfs/volume0 begin ===================

/ $

/ $ cat /proc/axfs/volume0
































































=================end of cat /proc/axfs/volume0=====================

There are only three columns of outputs ,

From the source code , this function procfile_read() implement the
proc reading function ,

/* set everything up to print out */

len =
"%s,%lu,%lu \n",
name, (unsigned
long)(inode_page_offset * PAGE_SIZE),

it will print
./bin/busybox, 507904, 9
filename page_offset reference_count

But from your readme of mkfs.axfs.c directory .

You have written that :
Usage Notes


1. "./mkfs.axfs [-h] [-i infile] indir outfile"

-h print this help
-i infile input file of the XIP information
dirname root of the directory tree to be compressed
outfile output file

About the Input File
Input file should be an XML file with specific element name. See

example_xipfsmap_syntax.xml for an example.


1. Input file is optional. If the option is not available, the writer will

compress every file.

I think I need to provide a Input file to tell the mkfs.axfs.c which
files and pages are of XIP .

So I need to provide their names ,size and offset , but "cat
/proc/axfs/volume0" , we can only get

./bin/busybox, 507904, 9

filename page_offset reference_count

Would you mind telling me more information or can you give me a fresh
example ? thanks very much!

Best Regards,

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