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SubjectRe: Does anyone run AXFS in 2.4 version of kernel ? I am trying my best to apply AXFS patches into 2.4.18
> >  Anyone is doing this work ? Can you share with me ?
> Yeah. I got a copy that works on 2.4.21-ish Montavista CEE like kernels.
> I just haven't got around to posting the patches. Okay, Okay. You
> are the third person to ask. I'll update sourceforge and repost here.

thanks for your work . we look forward your paches for 2.4.21 or
2.4.18 or other 2.4.x . thanks again .
In the meantime , I am compiling axfs patches in 2.4.18 .My policy is
that I basicly don't changed the AXFS code , and only add some
functions existed in 2.6.x into 2.4 kernel ,if necessary , I will
modify it . Thus , I think such working is not rather difficult ,
anyway , I am
analysing the implement of AXFS code , if necessary , I will modify
some functions of axfs.

Till now , AXFS_super.c has been almost ok . Next ,I will compile
other axfs code and check some errors and warnning , and run the
kernel in the skyeye which supported smdk2410 .

Best Regards,

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