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SubjectRe: Does anyone run AXFS in 2.4 version of kernel ? I am trying my best to apply AXFS patches into 2.4.18
Today I carefully read the mkfs.axfs.c , I finally make clear about
the axfs is how to organize the structure ,including the spec of super
,and the content of region , and how to store the file content in
different region are .

Jared Hulber is a great programmer , this is a very complex thing .
I am ready for writing a document about I have known for more newbies for axfs.

In fact , yesterday , I asked a stupid question to Jared Hulbert , the
information from /proc/axfs/volume0 is engough to create a valid xml
file .

for example ,from







we can know the page of offset 0 is called 18 times ,compared with
other pages , it should be set XIP.
<offset>0</offset> //maybe we need convert it from /proc info
the advantage of AXFS is that we can set every page to be XIP , so the
size is certainly 4096. but if we think like this , the size item in
the xml is useless, I think maybe Jared Hulber want to provide some
lazy method to set contiguous pages to be XIP , you don't need to
write some chunk . but I feel that the chance of contiguous pages are
read is not high , so for us , setting every page is enough .

if we want to set many pages to be XIP , we should write many chunk items .

Am I right , Mr Hulbert ?

Best Regards,

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