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SubjectRe: Rename restrictedmem => guardedmem? (was: Re: [PATCH v10 0/9] KVM: mm: fd-based approach for supporting KVM)
On Mon, Apr 17, 2023 at 8:16 PM Sean Christopherson <> wrote:

> > So the fd content is inaccessible using the ordinary POSIX syscalls. It's
> > only accessible by special entities (e.g., KVM).
> >
> > Most probably I am forgetting something. But maybe that will help to find a
> > more expressive name. Maybe :)
> Hidden/Concealed/etc - Too close to secretmem, suffers the "hidden from whom" problem,
> and depending on the use case, the memory may not actually be concealed from the
> user that controls the VMM.
> Restricted - "rmem" collides with "reserved memory" in code.
> Guarded - Conflicts with s390's "guarded storage", has the "from whom" problem.
> Inaccessible - Many of the same problems as "hidden".
> Unmappable - Doesn't cover things like read/write, and is wrong in the sense that
> the memory is still mappable, just not via mmap().
> Secured - I'm not getting anywhere near this one :-)

How about "protected" ;)? _ducks_

To me the name doesn't matter much, but fwiw I have developed a liking
to "restricted", more than the previous "private", since of all of the
one-word suggestions I think it captures most of what it's trying to


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