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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/6] kbuild: rust_is_available: add check for `bindgen` invocation
On Mon, Jan 9, 2023 at 11:47 PM Boqun Feng <> wrote:
> Per Documentation/process/maintainer-tip.rst, the "Reported-by" tag does
> require "Name <mailaddress>" format. Given we already have the GitHub
> issue link, I wonder whether it's better we ask for the reporter's
> email address (and real name) for the "Reported-by" field, and if they
> prefer to not providing one, we just don't use the "Reported-by" tag
> since we still have the GitHub issue link for their contribution.
> Thoughts?

As far as I understand, that is for the tip tree (though
`` complained too), and I am not sure in that guide they
intend it to mean it is the only form accepted.

In this case, I ended up deciding to add it since it was not a
Signed-off-by/Reviewed-by/Acked-by (so not as critical, i.e. no
DCO/RSO/...) and there are quite a few other instances, including
different CIs and tools, raw emails, security teams, etc.

So it doesn't look like it is required to be a "real name" like some
of the other tags, and sometimes we may need to do otherwise anyway
(for those cases), and I guess we don't want to discourage reports too
much. Perhaps we can, at least, ask for an email address -- that is
way more common in the log, and gives us a potential way to contact
people and send the patches to.

In any case, I agree we should prefer the "real name" way as much as
possible. I had sent a message to each GitHub issue/PR linking back to
the patches, but I will send another to offer them to use their real
name if they prefer.

Thanks for taking a look! :)


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