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Subject[PATCH 0/1] udf: Fix null-ptr-deref in udf_write_fi()
Hello Jan,

Syzkaller reports the following problems [1].

null-ptr-deref is fixed by the following patch.

About out-of-bounds write: I suppose it is due to the similar issue which
caused null-ptr-deref bug - udf_find_entry() return value is not checked
and we can end up with an incorrect ocfi and ofibh structs. Actually,
padlen in udf_write_fi() becomes less than zero because the values it is
consisted of are invalid, then padlen is passed to memcpy and here is the
bug. Should I also add this to the patch description text (I'm not sure
about it as that is just a consequence of null-ptr-deref bug)?

With the applied patch reproducers on my machine do not trigger
null-ptr-deref and out-of-bounds anymore.

The only thing is that: does udf_rename() need to immediately return with
an error if udf_find_entry() fails here? If ofi is an error pointer
(especially -ENOMEM), udf_rename should return an error. But if ofi is
NULL, the entry has probably already been deleted, and we should just skip
udf_delete_entry() call.



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