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SubjectAw: Re: [BUG] vlan-aware bridge breaks vlan on another port on same gmac
> Gesendet: Samstag, 21. Januar 2023 um 14:35 Uhr
> Von: "Vladimir Oltean" <>
> It's hard for me to understand how applying only patch "tag_mtk only
> combine VLAN tag with MTK tag is user port is VLAN aware" can produce
> the results you describe... For packets sent to port lan0, nothing
> should have been changed by that patch, because dsa_port_is_vlan_filtering(dp)
> should return true.
> If you can confirm there isn't any mistake in the testing procedure,
> I'll take a look later today at the hardware documentation and try to
> figure out why the CPU port is configured the way it is.

booted an older kernel without your patches, and tried the vlan-aware bridge the same way,
and it is not working there too. So not broken with your patches.

this is how i have created the bridge completely (to exclude a mistake in my setup):

ip link add name ${BRIDGE} type bridge vlan_filtering 1 vlan_default_pvid 1
ip link set ${BRIDGE} up
ip link set lan0 master ${BRIDGE}
ip link set lan0 up

ip link add link lanbr0 name lanbr0.100 type vlan id 110
ip a a dev lanbr0.100
ip link set lanbr0.100 up

btw. why is my vlan software-only and not pushed to hardware?

regards Frank

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