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SubjectAm Waiting to hear from you
Dear Friend,I'm deeply sorry to berg into your privacy as we haven't
met before I am Mr.Daniel kafando.and I work with UNITED BANK OF
AFRICA.Can you use ATM Visa card to withdraw money at ATM cash machine
in your country? I want to transfer money to you from my country; it’s
part of money taken by some old politician that was forced out of

I will change the account details to yours, and apply for a visa card
with your details in our bank, they will send the visa card to you and
you will be withdrawing money with it and always send my own
percentage of the money, and the money we are talking about is
$4.2Million us dollars.

Whatever amount you withdraw daily, you will send 50% to me and you
will take 50%, the visa card and the bank account will be on your
name,I expect your response. promptly so that I will give you further
details. Best Regards, Mr.Daniel.

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