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SubjectRe: Should we orphan JFS?
On Jan 13, 2023, at 08:15, Dave Kleikamp <> wrote:
> On 1/13/23 7:08AM, Harald Arnesen wrote:
>> Christoph Hellwig [13/01/2023 06.42]:
>>> Hi all,
>>> A while ago we've deprecated reiserfs and scheduled it for removal.
>>> Looking into the hairy metapage code in JFS I wonder if we should do
>>> the same. While JFS isn't anywhere as complicated as reiserfs, it's
>>> also way less used and never made it to be the default file system
>>> in any major distribution. It's also looking pretty horrible in
>>> xfstests, and with all the ongoing folio work and hopeful eventual
>>> phaseout of buffer head based I/O path it's going to be a bit of a drag.
>>> (Which also can be said for many other file system, most of them being
>>> a bit simpler, though).
>> The Norwegian ISP/TV provider used to have IPTV-boxes which had JFS on the hard disk that was used to record TV programmes.
>> However, I don't think these boxes are used anymore.
> I know at one time it was one of the recommended filesystems for MythTV. I don't know of any other major users of JFS. I don't know if there is anyone familiar with the MythTV community that could weigh in.
> Obviously, I haven't put much effort into JFS in a long time and I would not miss it if it were to be removed.

I've used MythTV for many years but haven't seen any particular recommendations for JFS there. Mainly ext4 and XFS are the common filesystems to follow the main distros (Ubuntu in particular).

Cheers, Andreas
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