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SubjectLinux regressions report for mainline [2022-09-25]
Hi Linus! Below is a slightly edited report from regzbot listing all
regression from this cycle that the bot and I are currently aware of.

I'm only aware of two regressions introduced this cycle. The kernel
panic on arm64/rock960 was just reported yesterday and already
investigated afaics; the one about graphical issues on Lenovo Yoga
is more than a week old, but it's is now dealt with and it currently
sounds like this won't hit many systems.

HTH, Ciao, Thorsten


Hi, this is regzbot, the Linux kernel regression tracking bot.

Currently I'm aware of 44 regressions in linux-mainline. Find the
current status below and the latest on the web:

Bye bye, hope to see you soon for the next report.
Regzbot (on behalf of Thorsten Leemhuis)

current cycle (v5.19.. aka v6.0-rc), culprit identified

[ *NEW* ] arm64 / rock960 : kernel panic (NULL pointer dereference)

By Daniel Lezcano; 0 days ago; 6 activities, latest 0 days ago.
Introduced in 14facbc1871a (v6.0-rc1)

Recent activities from: Michael Nazzareno Trimarchi (4), Daniel
Lezcano (2)

One patch associated with this regression:
* Re: v6.0-rc6 - arm64 / rock960 : kernel panic
0 days ago, by Michael Nazzareno Trimarchi

Graphical issues on Lenovo Yoga 7 14ARB7 laptop since v6.0-rc1 (bisected)

By August Wikerfors; 7 days ago; 5 activities, latest 1 days ago.
Introduced in 7cc191ee7621 (v6.0-rc1)

Recent activities from: August Wikerfors (2), Leo Li (1), Alex
Deucher (1)

End of report

All regressions marked '[ *NEW* ]' were added since the previous report,
which can be found here:

Thanks for your attention, have a nice day!

Regzbot, your hard working Linux kernel regression tracking robot

P.S.: Wanna know more about regzbot or how to use it to track regressions
for your subsystem? Then check out the getting started guide or the
reference documentation:

The short version: if you see a regression report you want to see
tracked, just send a reply to the report where you Cc with a line like this:

#regzbot introduced: v5.13..v5.14-rc1

If you want to fix a tracked regression, just do what is expected
anyway: add a 'Link:' tag with the url to the report, e.g.:


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