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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 2/5] can: slcan: remove legacy infrastructure
On 18.07.2022 08:57:21, Oliver Hartkopp wrote:
> > What do the maintainers think of dropping the old "slcan" name, and
> > just allowing this to be a normal canX device? These patches do bring
> > it closer to that, after all. In this case, this name string magic
> > could be dropped altogether.
> >
> I'm fine with it in general. But we have to take into account that there
> might be existing setups that still might use the slcan_attach or slcand
> mechanic which will likely break after the kernel update.
> But in the end the slcan0 shows up everywhere - even in log files, etc.
> So we really should name it canX. When people really get in trouble with it,
> they can rename the network interface name with the 'ip' tool ...

Don't break user space! If you don't like slcanX use udev to give it a
proper name.


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