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Subject[RFC PATCH 0/5] can: slcan: extend supported features (step 2)
With this series I try to finish the task, started with the series [1],
of completely removing the dependency of the slcan driver from the
userspace slcand/slcan_attach applications.

The series, however, still lacks a patch for sending the bitrate setting
command to the adapter:

slcan_attach -b <btr> <dev>

Without at least this patch the task cannot be considered truly completed.

The idea I got is that this can only happen through the ethtool API.
Among the various operations made available by this interface I would
have used the set_regs (but only the get_regs has been developed), or,
the set_eeprom, even if the setting would not be stored in an eeprom.
IMHO it would take a set_regs operation with a `struct ethtool_wregs'
parameter similar to `struct ethtool_eeprom' without the magic field:

struct ethtool_wregs {
__u32 cmd;
__u32 offset;
__u32 len;
__u8 data[0];

But I am not the expert and if there was an alternative solution already
usable, it would be welcome.

The series also contains patches that remove the legacy stuff (slcan_devs,
SLCAN_MAGIC, ...) and do some module cleanup.

The series has been created on top of the patches:

can: slcan: convert comments to network style comments
can: slcan: slcan_init() convert printk(LEVEL ...) to pr_level()
can: slcan: fix whitespace issues
can: slcan: convert comparison to NULL into !val
can: slcan: clean up if/else
can: slcan: use scnprintf() as a hardening measure
can: slcan: do not report txerr and rxerr during bus-off
can: slcan: do not sleep with a spin lock held

applied to linux-next.


Dario Binacchi (5):
can: slcan: remove useless header inclusions
can: slcan: remove legacy infrastructure
can: slcan: change every `slc' occurrence in `slcan'
can: slcan: use the generic can_change_mtu()
can: slcan: send the listen-only command to the adapter

drivers/net/can/slcan/slcan-core.c | 465 +++++++++--------------------
1 file changed, 134 insertions(+), 331 deletions(-)


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