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Subject[PATCH net-next v2 0/4] net: lan966x: Enable PTP on bridge interfaces
Before it was not allowed to run ptp on ports that are part of a bridge
because in case of transparent clock the HW will still forward the frames
so there would be duplicate frames.
Now that there is VCAP support, it is possible to add entries in the VCAP
to trap frames to the CPU and the CPU will forward these frames.
The first part of the patch series, extends the VCAP support to be able to
modify and get the rule, while the last patch uses the VCAP to trap the ptp

- use PTP_EV_PORT and PTP_GEN_PORT instead of hardcoding the number
- small alignment adjustments

Horatiu Vultur (4):
net: microchip: vcap: Add vcap_get_rule
net: microchip: vcap: Add vcap_mod_rule
net: microchip: vcap: Add vcap_rule_get_key_u32
net: lan966x: Add ptp trap rules

.../ethernet/microchip/lan966x/lan966x_main.c | 19 +-
.../ethernet/microchip/lan966x/lan966x_main.h | 14 +
.../ethernet/microchip/lan966x/lan966x_ptp.c | 236 ++++-
.../microchip/lan966x/lan966x_tc_flower.c | 8 -
.../microchip/lan966x/lan966x_vcap_impl.c | 11 +-
.../net/ethernet/microchip/vcap/vcap_api.c | 824 ++++++++++++++++++
.../ethernet/microchip/vcap/vcap_api_client.h | 8 +
.../microchip/vcap/vcap_api_debugfs.c | 492 ++---------
.../microchip/vcap/vcap_api_private.h | 14 +
9 files changed, 1171 insertions(+), 455 deletions(-)


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