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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] riscv: default to CONFIG_RISCV_SBI_V01=n

On 12/16/21 17:51, Jessica Clarke wrote:
> On 16 Dec 2021, at 14:17, Heinrich Schuchardt <> wrote:
>> On 12/16/21 14:49, Jessica Clarke wrote:
>>> On 16 Dec 2021, at 12:35, Heinrich Schuchardt <> wrote:
>>>> The SBI 0.1 specification is obsolete. The current version is 0.3.
>>>> Hence we should not rely by default on SBI 0.1 being implemented.
>>> It’s what BBL implements, and some people are still using it,
>>> especially given early hardware shipped before OpenSBI grew in
>>> popularity.
>>> Jess
>> Do you mean BBL is not developed anymore?
>> Some people may still be using a 0.1 SBI. But that minority stuck on an outdated software stack does not justify defaulting to deprecated settings in future Linux releases.
> BBL is still actively maintained; its most recent commit was 24 days
> ago. Also, the amount of code CONFIG_RISCV_SBI_V01 affects is tiny, so
> I see no tangible benefit from making this change, just unnecessary
> breakage of perfectly functional systems.

Only the default is changed. How could this break any existing system?
You can still compile with the deprecated setting.

I can not see why we should keep a default that will cause issues on
systems complying to the current SBI specification.

Best regards


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