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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/3] ARM: mstar: Initial Miyoo Mini support
Hi Romain,

On Fri, 17 Dec 2021 at 02:34, Romain Perier <> wrote:
> Well, I agree it is confusing. So I have discussed privately about
> this with Arnd (on IRC):

Yeah. I think in the same document for submitting patches it also says
no html (obvious), no links.. ;)

> <rperier> What is the real usage of the "Link:" tag ? it is mainly
> used as background informations for referencing archives or patches on
> lore.k.o , but it can also be used for referencing something else or
> not ?
> (like information for a board)
> [...]
> <arnd> right, it's pretty much never wrong to add a Link: tag for the
> patch submission that was picked up, but you can also add it for any
> other reference, e.g.issue trackers or datasheets that may be relevant
> ----
> Which replies to the question, so it is okay for me ;)

Thank you for going the extra mile and confirming with Arnd.
I want to start adding a link to our wiki for every board we add as
the documentation is all over the place for these things, suddenly
disappears etc.

There's a 3 commit series coming for another SSD202D board in a few
days that will look just like this one.
Maybe now you have the sbc2d70 board you could add the DTS for that
too and we can pull all of these new boards in one DT pull request?



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