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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 1/2] HID: usbhid: enable remote wakeup function for usbhid device

On 16.12.21 11:59, zhuyinbo wrote:

> if you only talk about wakeup source you can think that usb-wakeup
> source and acpi-lid wakeup source was different things. but if you
> talk about laptop and distinguish lid and other event and you shoud
> know the cannotation why system still continue sleep when lid closed
> then system by other event wakeup. if you need test usb-wakeup for
> laptop and that lid shouldn't be closed.
I am sorry, I am not sure what you wish to say here. Could you rephrase it?
>> from the default.
>> In general any HID device must have wakeup capability to be usable for
>> selective suspend. You cannot draw conclusions from that.
> you still can has wakeup capability, but it should be keep enabled by
> default. because the hid device should be convenient for human,

Well, no. We are talking about a kernel default. That needs to be so that it
always works on all systems. Convinience is secondary.

> if you don't think so and I think HID definition is ridiculous.
It does have its weaknesses, in particular with respect to differentiating
between events for wakeups. But we cannot change it.
> In addition, I had said that laptop usb wakeup was disabled in system
> bios by default and if user want enable usb wakeup that was only by
> configure bios and doesn't need enable wakeup node if my patch was
> applied
If you deviate from the default, you deviate. That is reducing the number of
changes is worth little. The default must be above everything else safe.


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