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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 1/2] HID: usbhid: enable remote wakeup function for usbhid device

在 2021/12/14 下午10:21, Oliver Neukum 写道:
> On 10.12.21 10:50, zhuyinbo wrote:
> Hi,
>> system ask that must it must be accped a acpi lid open event then
>> system will always into resume state for laptop, otherwise, eventhough
>> that system be wakeuped by other event then system will continue into
>> suspend.
> Lid events are necesarily for the whole system.
>> and for laptop usb wakeup that as general ask bios to enable usb
>> wakeup then if need do more things to enable usb wakeup I think this
>> usb wakeup function isn't friendly and inconveient, so enable it by
>> default.
>> after add this patch, if want to use usb wakeup function it only need
>> enable bios configure it think it is appropriate.
> No. If you wish your laptop to be resumed by USB events, that is one thing.
> You can alter the system settings. That must work. But it is a different
> issue
Hi Oliver,

if you only talk about wakeup source you can think that usb-wakeup
source and acpi-lid wakeup source was different things. but if you talk
about laptop and distinguish lid and other event and you shoud know the
cannotation why system still continue sleep when lid closed then system
by other event wakeup. if you need test usb-wakeup for laptop and that
lid shouldn't be closed.
> from the default.
> In general any HID device must have wakeup capability to be usable for
> selective suspend. You cannot draw conclusions from that.
you still can has wakeup capability, but it should be keep enabled by
default. because the hid device should be convenient for human, if you
don't think so and I think HID definition is ridiculous.

In addition, I had said that laptop usb wakeup was disabled in system
bios by default and if user want enable usb wakeup that was only by
configure bios and doesn't need enable wakeup node if my patch was applied
>     Regards
>         Oliver

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