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Subject[PATCH v3 00/25] iomap/xfs folio patches
This patchset converts XFS & iomap to use folios, and gets them to a
state where they can handle multi-page folios. Applying these patches
is not yet sufficient to actually start using multi-page folios for
XFS; more page cache changes are needed. I don't anticipate needing to
touch XFS again until we're at the point where we want to convert the
aops to be type-safe. It completes an xfstests run with no unexpected

I think everything here has been posted before, but I want to get
acks/reviews on patch 15 in particular. I'll send a pull request
for these patches tomorrow.

- Rebased to -rc5, which removes the first four patches from v2.
- Fixed passing lengths > PAGE_SIZE to iomap_write_begin().
- Added review tags from Jens, Darrick & Christoph (thanks!)
- Added folio_zero_* wrappers around zero_user_*()
- Added a patch to rename AS_THP_SUPPORT
- Added a patch to convert __block_write_begin_int() to take a folio
- Split the iomap_add_to_ioend() patch into three
- Updated changelog of bio_add_folio() (Jens)
- Adjusted whitespace of bio patches (Christoph, Jens)
- Improved changelog of readahead conversion to explain why the put_page()
disappeared (Christoph)
- Add a patch to zero an entire folio at a time, instead of limiting to
a page
- Switch pos & end_pos back to being u64 from loff_t
- Call block_write_end() and ->page_done with the head page of the folio,
as that's what those functions expect.

Matthew Wilcox (Oracle) (25):
block: Add bio_add_folio()
block: Add bio_for_each_folio_all()
fs/buffer: Convert __block_write_begin_int() to take a folio
iomap: Convert to_iomap_page to take a folio
iomap: Convert iomap_page_create to take a folio
iomap: Convert iomap_page_release to take a folio
iomap: Convert iomap_releasepage to use a folio
iomap: Add iomap_invalidate_folio
iomap: Pass the iomap_page into iomap_set_range_uptodate
iomap: Convert bio completions to use folios
iomap: Use folio offsets instead of page offsets
iomap: Convert iomap_read_inline_data to take a folio
iomap: Convert readahead and readpage to use a folio
iomap: Convert iomap_page_mkwrite to use a folio
iomap: Allow iomap_write_begin() to be called with the full length
iomap: Convert __iomap_zero_iter to use a folio
iomap: Convert iomap_write_begin() and iomap_write_end() to folios
iomap: Convert iomap_write_end_inline to take a folio
iomap,xfs: Convert ->discard_page to ->discard_folio
iomap: Simplify iomap_writepage_map()
iomap: Simplify iomap_do_writepage()
iomap: Convert iomap_add_to_ioend() to take a folio
iomap: Convert iomap_migrate_page() to use folios
iomap: Support large folios in invalidatepage
xfs: Support large folios

Documentation/core-api/kernel-api.rst | 1 +
block/bio.c | 22 ++
fs/buffer.c | 23 +-
fs/internal.h | 2 +-
fs/iomap/buffered-io.c | 518 +++++++++++++-------------
fs/xfs/xfs_aops.c | 24 +-
fs/xfs/xfs_icache.c | 2 +
include/linux/bio.h | 56 ++-
include/linux/iomap.h | 3 +-
9 files changed, 373 insertions(+), 278 deletions(-)


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