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Subject[PATCH 0/8] media: atomisp: sync the remaining code with Aero firmware
There are still a couple of things that are aiming firmware versions newer
or different than Intel Aero firmware:

As the code should be in sync with the firmware, change the remaining
code to be compatible with the firmware.

After this series, except if some mistakes were made, the atomisp code
is now in sync with the Aero firmware.

Mauro Carvalho Chehab (8):
media: atomisp: atomisp_cmd: make it more compatible with firmware
media: atomisp: get rid of set pipe version custom ctrl
media: atomisp: simplify binary.c
media: atomisp: binary.c: drop logic incompatible with firmware
media: atomisp: pipe_binarydesc: drop logic incompatible with firmware
media: atomisp: frame.c: drop a now-unused function
media: atomisp: add YUVPP at __atomisp_get_pipe() logic
media: atomisp: cleanup qbuf logic

.../staging/media/atomisp/pci/atomisp_cmd.c | 20 +-
.../media/atomisp/pci/atomisp_compat_css20.c | 9 -
.../staging/media/atomisp/pci/atomisp_ioctl.c | 19 -
.../media/atomisp/pci/atomisp_subdev.c | 23 -
.../media/atomisp/pci/atomisp_subdev.h | 1 -
.../pci/camera/pipe/src/pipe_binarydesc.c | 18 +-
.../atomisp/pci/runtime/binary/src/binary.c | 489 +-----------------
.../runtime/frame/interface/ia_css_frame.h | 19 -
.../atomisp/pci/runtime/frame/src/frame.c | 70 ---
9 files changed, 27 insertions(+), 641 deletions(-)


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