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Subject[PATCH 0/7] selftests: gpio: rework and port to GPIO uAPI v2
Initially I just wanted to port the selftests to the latest GPIO uAPI,
but on finding that, due to dependency issues, the selftests are not built
for the buildroot environments that I do most of my GPIO testing in, I
decided to take a closer look.

The first patch is essentially a rewrite of the exising test suite.
It uses a simplified abstraction of the uAPI interfaces to allow a common
test suite to test the gpio-mockup using either of the uAPI interfaces.
The simplified cdev interface is implemented in, with the
actual driving of the uAPI implemented in gpio-mockup-cdev.c.
The simplified sysfs interface replaces and is
loaded over the cdev implementation when selected.

The new tests should also be simpler to extend to cover new mockup
interfaces, such as the one Bart has been working on.

I have dropped support for testing modules other than gpio-mockup from
the command line options, as the tests are very gpio-mockup specific so
I didn't see any calling for it.

I have also tried to emphasise in the test output that the tests are
covering the gpio-mockup itself. They do perform some implicit testing
of gpiolib and the uAPI interfaces, and so can be useful as smoke tests
for those, but their primary focus is the gpio-mockup.

Patches 2 through 5 do some cleaning up that is now possible with the
new implementation, including enabling building in buildroot environments.
Patch 4 doesn't strictly clean up all the old gpio references that it
could - the gpio was the only Level 1 test, so the Level 1 tests could
potentially be removed, but I was unsure if there may be other
implications to removing a whole test level, or that it may be useful
as a placeholder in case other static LDLIBS tests are added in
the future??

Patch 6 finally gets around to porting the tests to the latest GPIO uAPI.

And Patch 7 updates the config to set the CONFIG_GPIO_CDEV option that
was added in v5.10.


Kent Gibson (7):
selftests: gpio: rework and simplify test implementation
selftests: gpio: remove obsolete gpio-mockup-chardev.c
selftests: remove obsolete build restriction for gpio
selftests: remove obsolete gpio references from
tools: gpio: remove uAPI v1 code no longer used by selftests
selftests: gpio: port to GPIO uAPI v2
selftests: gpio: add CONFIG_GPIO_CDEV to config

tools/gpio/gpio-utils.c | 89 ----
tools/gpio/gpio-utils.h | 6 -
tools/testing/selftests/Makefile | 9 -
tools/testing/selftests/gpio/Makefile | 26 +-
tools/testing/selftests/gpio/config | 1 +
.../testing/selftests/gpio/gpio-mockup-cdev.c | 198 ++++++++
.../selftests/gpio/gpio-mockup-chardev.c | 323 ------------
.../selftests/gpio/ | 168 ++-----
tools/testing/selftests/gpio/ | 469 ++++++++++++------
tools/testing/selftests/ | 4 +-
10 files changed, 573 insertions(+), 720 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 tools/testing/selftests/gpio/gpio-mockup-cdev.c
delete mode 100644 tools/testing/selftests/gpio/gpio-mockup-chardev.c


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