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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/2] nvmem: add ONIE NVMEM cells support

On 01/06/2020 10:03, Vadym Kochan wrote:
>>> +
>>> + nvmem = of_nvmem_device_get(np, NULL);
>>> + if (IS_ERR(nvmem))
>>> + return PTR_ERR(nvmem);
>>> +
>> TBH, this looks completely incorrect way to do this and misuse of nvmem
>> consumer interface.
>> Ideally nvmem provider driver should populate "cells" in struct nvmem_config
>> after decoding them and then register nvmem provider.
>> That should just work!
>> --srini
> But this is not nvmem provider but just describes the cells for any
> nvmem device, because ONIE uses special TLV structure on the nvmem
> device. So from the nvmem device point it is a consumer but provides the cells
> for the given device.

That still falls under nvmem providers responsibility to parse these
cells before registering it.

BTW, where is the provider driver for this in kernel?



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