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SubjectRe: [RFC] dt-bindings: mailbox: add doorbell support to ARM MHU
On 15-05-20, 11:46, Jassi Brar wrote:
> As I asked you yesterday over the call, it may help if you could share
> some numbers to back up the doomsday scenario.

Yes, I have already asked Sudeep to get some numbers for this. He will
get back to us.

> > - With the current approach it isn't possible to assign different bits
> > (or doorbell numbers) to clients from DT and the only way of doing
> > that without adding new bindings is by extending #mbox-cells to accept
> > a value of 2 as done in this patch.
> >
> I am afraid you are confused. You can use bit/doorbell-6 by passing
> 0x40 to mhu as the data to send.

That's how the code will do it, right I agree. What I was asking was
the way this information is passed from DT.


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