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Subjectacpi_string with const char * losing casts
include/acpi/actypes.h:typedef char *acpi_string;       /* Null terminated ASCII string */

It seems there are cases where a function with an acpi_string
argument should instead use const acpi_string.

Some acpi function callers cast const char * to non-const to
avoid compiler warnings.

It would be good to use const acpi_string where appropriate in
the generic acpi_<foo> functions instead.

Also acpi_<foo> seems to use acpi_string and char * somewhat

It would also be good to standardize on one style.

For instance intel-hid.c has:

static const char *intel_hid_dsm_fn_to_method[INTEL_HID_DSM_FN_MAX] = {


static bool intel_hid_execute_method(acpi_handle handle,
enum intel_hid_dsm_fn_codes fn_index,
unsigned long long arg)
union acpi_object *obj, argv4, req;
acpi_status status;
char *method_name;

if (fn_index <= INTEL_HID_DSM_FN_INVALID ||
fn_index >= INTEL_HID_DSM_FN_MAX)
return false;

method_name = (char *)intel_hid_dsm_fn_to_method[fn_index];


where the const is cast away because

status = acpi_execute_simple_method(handle, method_name, arg);

here acpi_execute_simple_method takes a non-const acpi_string method_name.

include/acpi/acpi_bus.h:acpi_status acpi_execute_simple_method(acpi_handle handle, char *method,
include/acpi/acpi_bus.h- u64 arg);

and the implementation in drivers/acpi/utils.c does not modify method

acpi_status acpi_execute_simple_method(acpi_handle handle, char *method,
u64 arg)
union acpi_object obj = { .type = ACPI_TYPE_INTEGER };
struct acpi_object_list arg_list = { .count = 1, .pointer = &obj, };

obj.integer.value = arg;

return acpi_evaluate_object(handle, method, &arg_list, NULL);

and acpi_evaluate_object does not modify method either
but may assign it to another const char *relative_pathname

acpi_evaluate_object(acpi_handle handle,
acpi_string pathname,
struct acpi_object_list *external_params,
struct acpi_buffer *return_buffer)


info->relative_pathname = pathname;

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