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SubjectRe: Thank you for your messages, and Happy New Year ;)
Thanks for your response :).

Please Spread the word regarding the copyright-holders rights (remeber:
Linux kernel programmers did not sign over their copyrights, one of the
reasons Linux grew so quickly amongst developers where GNU very slowly
(The FSF will only include code where the copyright has been transferred
to it)), thus the various 1000s of linux programmers who didn't work
for a company all retain their property rights.

A license is just that: license (permission). It is not a transfer of
rights. These licenses that were given are non-exclusive (not to just
one entity) and are thus cannot be construed as transfers either.

It's simply permission to use property, same as if you allowed a
to use an ax you owned (gave them license to use the ax).

If that neighbor went and then chopped an enemy to pieces with that ax,
limb by limb, joint by joint, applying burning cauterizing oil after
each dismemberment,
he cannot say "I will not give you back the ax, because I relied on
your lease, and thus used the ax in such a way as it would be
for me to return it to you".

The ax is still yours and you may tell your friend: give me my ax back
(this is you rescinding the license).

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