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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 01/16] sched/core: uclamp: extend sched_setattr to support utilization clamping

On 28/08/18 14:53, Patrick Bellasi wrote:


> Let's introduce a new API to set utilization clamping values for a
> specified task by extending sched_setattr, a syscall which already
> allows to define task specific properties for different scheduling
> classes.
> Specifically, a new pair of attributes allows to specify a minimum and
> maximum utilization which the scheduler should consider for a task.

AFAIK sched_setattr currently mandates that a policy is always specified
[1]. I was wondering if relaxing such requirement might be handy. Being
util clamp a cross-class feature it might be cumbersome to always have
to get current policy/params and use those with new umin/umax just to
change the latter.

sched_setparam already uses the in-kernel SETPARAM_POLICY thing, maybe
we could extend that to sched_setattr? Not sure exposing this to
userspace is a good idea though. :-/


- Juri

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