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SubjectRe: XBox One S controller, Bluetooth support (was Re: hid: microsoft: Add rumble support for Xbox One S controller)
> For this patch, after speaking with the Bluetooth maintainers, we would
> need to:
> - add relevant btmon outputs before and after the patch in the commit
> message
> - remove the mention of "many devices" (if you've seen other devices
> with that problem in the wild, please mention them, otherwise mention
> that it's for "XBox One S" controllers, and clones)
> - run the patch against the "Profile Tuning Suite Tool" from the
> Bluetooth SIG. This requires a Windows laptop, and a piece of hardware
> from the Bluetooth SIG, see below.
> The first 2 should be pretty easy to do, just send your patch using
> "git send-email" to the linux-bluetooth list (CC:ed), with the data
> attached.
> For the qualification test, I was told Szymon has a test suite that he
> could use to double-check the tests. If not, I should be able to buy
> the adapter and run that test suite locally.
> Cheers

Thanks, I will give it a try tomorrow (later) :)

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