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SubjectRe: hid: microsoft: Add rumble support for Xbox One S controller
> Sure it is, but:
> - it's not an "XBox One S controller", it's a variant of the "XBox One
> controller" shipped with the XBox One S.
> - we discussed this on the linux-bluetooth mailing-list in August 2016:
> revived the thread in 2017:
> and discussed the force feedback in particular in August this year:
> - why would we look for a "driver" when there's already one in the
> kernel that supports all the xbox controllers except this one? :)
> Really, as much as it's nice to find working code for this device, it's
> surprising you didn't contact any kernel developer before, rather than
> us having to find you.

Fair enough :)

> Yes, but that's not the way the drivers are usually arranged. They're
> arranged by vendors, so this driver would need to be merged into the
> "hid-microsoft.c" driver.

That's probably the main reason for not getting in touch earlier, I
really don't like the idea of putting everything into the same driver
just because it is the same vendor - or at leas the same name (even if
Microsoft Xbox has nearly nothing to do with other parts of Microsoft).

> I'm pretty sure that the USB version can also be made to use HID.

I really don't think so, I already gave it a try. At least not "out of
the box".

> I have no idea how the RF protocol would work though. I imagine it
> requires a dongle, or does it actually use Wi-Fi? (that would be
> surprising...).

In theory it does need one, but it is nothing more than normal Wi-Fi
(2,4 and 5 GHz) - you can talk to the gamepad using any Wi-Fi card /
stick you want. The problem is, that the connection is secured somehow.
If you are interested, take a look here:

> Anyway, I don't have much time to work on it right this minute, but it
> would be great if you could send your Bluetooth patch to start with,
> and we can iterate on that, and fix the other problems as we clear the
> priority list.

Jap, I will do that - Thank you so far!

> Cheers


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