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SubjectHow to disable tracing at runtime from the Linux kernel command line?
Dear Linux folks,

I am trying to reduce the boot time of a standard Linux distribution
kernel. Currently, distributions – at least Debian und Ubuntu – enable
function tracing.



This is great, as it makes it easy to use tracing to hunt down things
holding up the boot. But it also skews the boot time quite a lot.

$ sudo dmesg
[ 0.318412] initcall init_graph_trace+0x0/0x64 returned 0 after
199218 usecs
[ 1.770287] calling event_trace_init+0x0/0x2c2 @ 1
[ 2.052871] initcall event_trace_init+0x0/0x2c2 returned 0 after
275942 usecs

Is there a way to disable tracing on the Linux kernel command line to
disable tracing?

Kind regards,


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