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SubjectRe: [PATCH] can: enable multi-queue for SocketCAN devices
Hello Marc,

> >> Do you have a driver or a patch to make a driver mq aware?
> >
> > Yes, we have CAN hardware with multiple queues and we also have a
> > SocketCAN driver for it.
> >
> > IMHO the driver will be of very little use for the Linux community
> > because the HW is proprietary.
> That doesn't matter. It would be the first driver that makes use of the
> feature, so we can learn from it. And you might get a free review of
> your driver.

Of course we would be happy if somebody was volunteering to review
our driver for free.

The driver consists of two layers because the HW is accessed via SPI.
So there is a SPI driver of 1000 lines. On top of that is the CAN
driver and it has 600 lines. Because the HW does more than just
CAN there is another driver which implements a char device with
additional 300 lines.

Are there still volunteers?

> > Our motivation to separate this patch from the proprietary SocketCAN
> > driver
> Looking at your email address I assume your employer sells devices with
> this hardware and the driver. So someone has to provide the sources for
> it anyways to fulfil the GPL license requirements. :)

I will have to check but I am pretty confident that we would be willing
to publish the driver on these mailing lists as well. We will anyhow
ship the source code (or a written offer) with every distribution.

If you are really serious about the review I will get the process
rolling for an early publication of our driver.


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