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Subject[PATCH v3 0/14] media: make Marvell camera work on DT-based OLPC XO-1.75

this is the third spin of a patchset that modernizes the Marvel MMP2 CCIC
driver. Notably, it ports it from the platform data (which seems unused as
the board support code never made it) to devicetree.

At the core of the rework is the move to asynchronous sensor discovery
and clock management with the standard clock framework. There are also
some straightforward fixes for the bitrotten parts.

There's probably still room for improvement, but as it is, it seems to
work well on OLPC XO-1.75 and doesn't break OLPC XO-1 (I've tested on
both platforms).

Changes since v2:
- All documented in individual patches.

Changes since v1:
- "marvell-ccic: drop ctlr_reset()" patch was replaced with a
straightforward revert of the commit that added ctlr_reset() along with an
explanation in commit message.
- Added collected Acks
- Other changes are noted in individial patches


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