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Subjectuse generic DMA mapping code in powerpc V4
Hi all,

this series switches the powerpc port to use the generic swiotlb and
noncoherent dma ops, and to use more generic code for the coherent
direct mapping, as well as removing a lot of dead code.

As this series is very large and depends on the dma-mapping tree I've
also published a git tree:

git:// powerpc-dma.4


Changes since v3:
- rebase on the powerpc fixes tree
- add a new patch to actually make the baseline amigaone config
configure without warnings
- only use ZONE_DMA for 64-bit embedded CPUs, on pseries an IOMMU is
always present
- fix compile in mem.c for one configuration
- drop the full npu removal for now, will be resent separately
- a few git bisection fixes

The changes since v1 are to big to list and v2 was not posted in public.

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