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SubjectRe: [PATCH] KVM: X86: Add missing KVM_AMD dependency
On 06/10/2018 00:03, Guenter Roeck wrote:
>> This should be handled by
>> config KVM_AMD_SEV
>> def_bool y
>> bool "AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) support"
>> depends on KVM_AMD && X86_64
>> depends on CRYPTO_DEV_SP_PSP && !(KVM_AMD=y && CRYPTO_DEV_CCP_DD=m)
>> ---help---
>> Provides support for launching Encrypted VMs on AMD processors.
> Unfortunately it doesn't. It disables KVM_AMD_SEV, but that doesn't prevent
> the calls.

Yes, exactly - that's why I mentioned the sev_guest patch that should
cull all the SEV code from a !KVM_AMD_SEV build.

>> Maybe this works as well? I haven't tested it yet:
> I am sure there are many possible solutions. I would personally prefer one
> that enforces KVM_AMD=m with CRYPTO_DEV_CCP_DD=m, but that is just me.

Well, KVM_AMD=y is a relatively unusual choice to begin with. The
question is whether then you want to disable this choice completely when
CRYPTO_DEV_CCP_DD=m, or just disable SEV.

My patch is a good idea anyway, if I may say so :), because it culls a
lot of code from a !KVM_AMD_SEV build. But if it is not enough, we
certainly have to do something else about the failure you're reporting.


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