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Subject[PATCH v5 0/4] APM X-Gene PCIe controller
This patch adds support for AppliedMicro X-Gene PCIe host controller. The
driver is tested on X-Gene platform with different gen1/2/3 PCIe endpoint

X-Gene PCIe controller driver has depedency on the pcie arm64 arch support.
Liviu Dudau from ARM has sent a patch set for pcie arm64 arch support and
support for creating generic pcie bridge from device tree. Liviu's patches
are available here

If someone wishes to test PCIe on X-Gene with this patch set, above mentioned
patches from Liviu must be applied before the patches in this patch set.

changes since V4:
1. fix section mismatch warnings
2. fix the patch description
3. fix indentation
4. update read/write cfg functions by passing both addr and offset.
5. use 'time_before' for timeout.
6. remove unnecessary 'IS_ERR_OR_NULL'. Keep 'IS_ERR' for 'clk_get'
7. remove BUG_ON for pci_ioremap_io.

changes since V3:
1. remove 'struct hw_pci' and supporting ops in hw_pci
2. add code to create the host bridge from dts
3. add code to scan the the host bridge
4. modify outbound windows setup function to get resource information from
5. add compatible string in pcie dts node with current X-Gene SOC name.

changes since V2:
1. redefined each PCI port in different PCI domain correctly.
2. removed setup_lane and setup_link functions from driver.
3. removed scan_bus wrapper and set_primary_bus hack.
4. added pci_ioremap_io for io resources.

changes since V1:
1. added PCI domain support
2. reading cpu and pci addresses from device tree to configure regions.
3. got rid of unnecessary wrappers for readl and writel.
4. got rid of endpoint configuration code.
5. added 'dma-ranges' property support to read inbound region configuration.
6. renamed host driver file to 'pci-xgene.c' from 'pcie-xgene.c'
7. dropped 'clock-names' property from bindings
8. added comments whereever requested.

Tanmay Inamdar (4):
pci: APM X-Gene PCIe controller driver
arm64: dts: APM X-Gene PCIe device tree nodes
dt-bindings: pci: xgene pcie device tree bindings
MAINTAINERS: entry for APM X-Gene PCIe host driver

.../devicetree/bindings/pci/xgene-pci.txt | 52 ++
arch/arm64/boot/dts/apm-mustang.dts | 8 +
arch/arm64/boot/dts/apm-storm.dtsi | 155 +++++
drivers/pci/host/Kconfig | 10 +
drivers/pci/host/Makefile | 1 +
drivers/pci/host/pci-xgene.c | 725 ++++++++++++++++++++
7 files changed, 958 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/pci/xgene-pci.txt
create mode 100644 drivers/pci/host/pci-xgene.c


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